Feb 2, 2023 | This and That

Have you ever learned a new word, seemingly uncommon, only to start hearing/seeing it everywhere? It turns out this is called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. When we notice something for the first time, our brains tend to catch it more often, making us think it suddenly appears all around. In reality, it’s information that’s always been there, and we’ve just stopped ignoring it. A few years ago, I heard the word “Sisyphean” in a movie, and I looked it up to learn what it meant. Within days, I found it used in a book I was reading. Then again, on a tv show. It was also used in an online newsletter I received a couple of weeks after that. It makes me wonder how this phenomenon can relate to advertising and graphic design. Could consistent and repetitive branding trigger the effect in your target market, so they start seeing your business everywhere?

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