The delight of birdwatching

Mar 21, 2024 | This and That

A serene activity that captivates both the eyes and ears, birdwatching has become an undeniable thrill at my house. My significant other has always loved birds and while I was slow to join the club, I’m now an eager participant in the quiet observation of these beautifully interesting creatures as well.

While sipping coffee on the patio or looking out my office window, gazing at the cardinals, titmice, hummingbirds, and sparrows that visit daily brings both peace and excitement in equal measure.

Last summer, bluejays settled on a tree in my backyard. I was fascinated, from how they built their nest to the magical moment their eggs hatched! One hatchling fell from the nest and took shelter on my patio. Its parents diligently took care of it, as did I, until it could take flight with its siblings. It brought me so much joy to check on him every day.

This unexpected hobby I share with my husband not only brings us together but also reminds us to slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, one feathered friend and melodic tweet at a time. Do you find delight in birdwatching too?

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