Three Grumpy Blue Jays

Jun 19, 2024 | This and That

Last spring, our backyard welcomed a delightful surprise: Blue Jays! Never before had we seen these vibrant birds in our yard, and they chose to build a nest in a tree right next to our patio. We marveled as they constructed their nest, laid eggs, and nurtured their babies. This year, to our immense joy, the Blue Jays returned to the same tree and were blessed with three large hatchlings. When the day came for the young ones to take their first flight, they stood hesitantly on the tree branches all morning, looking like grumpy barrel-chested old men, reluctant to leave their cozy nest. Last year, one hatchling lingered in our yard for a few days, struggling to learn to fly, and this spring was no different. One of the surly Blue Jay babies found refuge in our shrubs for an extra day before joining its family. These beautiful birds are so full of personality and charm. Their presence in our yard has become a cherished and anticipated part of our lives!

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