VECCS Booth Backdrop

Jan 22, 2020 | Signage

Does size really matter? In graphic design, it absolutely does! When I work on a project, I have to pay attention to font size, photo size, file size, etc. All of these elements are set up in connection with the dimensions of the main piece. Is it a business card? A flyer? A poster? Or a tradeshow booth backdrop? One of my first projects of the year was finalizing a booth backdrop for my clients at VECCS. I haven’t worked on many large scale projects like this one, but it’s so fun to design artwork that will display as wide and tall as this piece. In creating such a design, we have to consider what people will see from afar, from up close, and at eye level. It has to be eye-catching and informative, as well as stand out in a sea of booths. So with that said, what are your thoughts on size? Does size matter in your line of work?

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