What’s your type?

Apr 19, 2024 | Design Basics

Everyone can benefit from grasping some font fundamentals as they can wield immense influence over a brand’s personality and message. So, allow me to share some essential insights into basic font types.

San Serif

Defined by clean lines and lacking ending strokes (serifs) or embellishments, creating a modern and professional look. Ideal for brands aiming for a sleek and bold image.


Distinguished by their decorative strokes (serifs), evoking a sense of tradition and reliability. Often chosen by brands seeking a classic and timeless aesthetic.

Slab Serif

Featuring slab-shaped strokes (serifs) that command attention and authority. Perfect for brands looking to convey strength and impact.


Characterized by its fluid and flowing form, lending a sense of sophistication and femininity. Commonly used by brands aiming for an elegant or personal touch.

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