2022 VECCS Program Book Design

Feb 8, 2022 | Booklets, Programs, Manuals & Handbooks

What’s one place you’ve traveled to that made you feel like you stepped into a magical fairytale? For me, it was Puerto Rico. While I can go on and on about its beautiful beaches, it was actually an enchanting little bay that offered the most out-of-this-world experience. A bioluminescent bay where every splash and movement in the water creates a surreal blue glow that looks like sparkling fairy dust at night. It’s an amazing sight! I’ve been thinking about it lately because I’ve been working on this program book design for the VECCS annual spring symposium, which will be held in Puerto Rico next month. It’s been a fun piece to design because I got to create a cute little lizard that snuck onto the cover. The front photo also brings back great memories of my time there! I have no doubt that this year’s attendees are excited about the symposium being at such a cool spot! So, friends, tell me all about one magical destination you’ve traveled to!

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