Making The Call

Feb 10, 2022 | Entrepreneurship

How did you land your first clients when you launched your business? Many solopreneurs like myself usually have family and friends as our first customers. But after that, what was your next move? Ads? Radio? Social media presence? When I started my company, social media wasn’t what it is today, and I couldn’t afford to invest in many ad placements. So, instead, I picked up the phone and made calls to potential clients. I would search for local businesses in newspaper and magazine ads that didn’t seem to have a professionally designed logo or website, and then I’d call them to introduce myself. That usually led to a meeting where I could show them samples of my work. While it always made me very nervous to reach out to people this way, I’m so grateful to those who took a chance on me. So, tell me, friend, how did you land your very first customers?

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