Audio Books

Jun 28, 2019 | This and That

When e-readers first started to become popular, I was hesitant to get on board. I love real books… the smooth, crisp feel of the sheets, the smell of a brand-new or a well-worn copy and the satisfying sound of a page flip. Eventually, I gave the Kindle app a try, and I quickly became a fan. I loved the convenience of having my favorite books available anytime and anywhere. Then came audio books… and I resisted to this as well. I didn’t think the narrator’s voices would match what I imagined the characters to sound like, but I ultimately took the leap and starting using Audible. It didn’t take long for me to discover talented storytellers that made my books come to life. And now, I’m hooked. I’m currently listening to Outlander—the longest series I’ve ever read—and Davina Porter, the narrator, is just amazing! What are you reading lately?

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