Triple Layered Cards

Jun 26, 2019 | Business Cards, Printing

Although I consider myself confident, I don’t like being the center of attention. I wouldn’t call myself a shy person, yet in a crowd, I usually prefer to blend in than to stand out… But when it comes to my work, I definitely want to get noticed! As small business owners, we all want our companies to be distinctive. One thing that can help is your business cards! I’ve found that most people take someone’s card and tuck it immediately in their purse or wallet without looking at them. However, when you hand them a triple layered business card, they almost always stop to admire it. People are usually impressed by how thick the cards are, and how much they like the edge color! I recently printed a new batch of triple layered cards with a black edge for Luedeker Homes. I can also do a red or green edge… interested? If so, reach out, and I’ll show you some samples!

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