Behavior Building Blocks Identity Package

Apr 4, 2016 | Branding, Business Cards

Behavior Building Blocks Identity Package

This year, I was fortunate to add a new client to my list of favorites! Alexandria Arriaga is a board certified behavior analyst and the owner of Behavior Building Blocks. I recently blogged about her company’s new logo design, but Alex also hired BlackStone Studio to create and print her full identity package. I designed matching business cards, envelopes and letterhead for her, and printed a set of each on my most popular cardstocks. I’m pleased to share that Alex was very happy with the end result, as was I. However, the main reason why she is now one of my favored clients is because we immediately clicked on all creative decisions. The entire project flowed smoothly and productively. I take such delight in working with people that seem to be in sync with me during the design process — and I’m extremely grateful that she joins a long list of amazing clients that I greatly enjoy working with. Check out her new identity package above!

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