Living Tree Business Cards

One of the greatest feelings for an entrepreneur is holding their new business card for the first time. Seeing your own custom logo printed on the smooth velvety cardstock is the best! Having your own custom designed business cards makes you feel professional, credible, and confident! I love working on new cards, and I’m happy to share with you a new set I designed for Shirley Nedock, owner of Living Tree New Braunfels Counseling Center. Do you need new business cards? If so, let’s talk

Triple Layered Cards

Although I consider myself confident, I don’t like being the center of attention. I wouldn’t call myself a shy person, yet in a crowd, I usually prefer to blend in than to stand out… But when it comes to my work, I definitely want to get noticed! As small business owners, we all want our companies to be distinctive. One thing that can help is your business cards! I’ve found that most people take someone’s card and tuck it immediately in their purse or wallet without looking at them. However, when you hand them a triple layered business card, they almost always stop to admire it. People are usually impressed by how thick the cards are, and how much they like the edge color! I recently printed a new batch of triple layered cards with a black edge for Luedeker Homes. I can also do a red or green edge… interested? If so, reach out, and I’ll show you some samples!

Watkins & Shattles Business Cards

My clients will probably tell you that I get a little too excited about cardstock… and I wouldn’t disagree! I love showing them samples of all the different materials I carry. While limited, I feel that there is something for everybody! My preferred cardstock this year has to be my 35pt Pearl Canvas. And it’s not just my favorite… clients are loving it too! Check out this brand new batch of cards I printed for my clients at Watkins & Shattles. Do you need new business cards? If so, let’s talk!

Unexpected Twist

Something simple can quickly become interesting by adding an unexpected twist. These cards, for example—the artist, Robert McCoy, wanted his business cards to be clean, minimal, and focused solely on the painting he selected to showcase on them. Still, he wanted them to have a unique quality. It’s hard to notice on a photograph, but you can tell when you are holding them that they are not the usual size. We used the standard European size, which makes them slightly taller and a bit more narrow than the standard US size for business cards. That small change definitely adds more personality! Are you needing new business cards? If so, let’s chat!

Elite Roofing Services Business Card Design

One of my favorite things about fresh new prints is the feel of them in your hands, especially my 35pt Pearl Canvas cardstock because it’s extra thick and has a pearly texture that looks and feels amazing! If you want a card that gets you noticed, this cardstock choice would be the one to get. My client, Ricardo Arredondo from Elite Roofing Services, thought so as well. The second I showed him a sample, he knew he wanted his cards printed in this material too. I really like how his cards turned out! Are you in need of some attention-grabbing business cards? If so, let’s talk!

AA Builders Inc Business Card Design

There are many promotional items a business owner can choose to invest in, such as ads, flyers, signs, posters, envelopes, stickers, etc. However, the first thing most of my clients ask for, as soon as we finalize their logo design, are business cards! This was the case with one of my newest clients, Alex Rodriguez from AA Builders Inc. Right after we completed his logo, we turned our focus to creating a sleek and fresh card design. I really like how bold the red and black colors look on his new cards. What about you? Do you need new business cards? If so, drop me a line today!

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