Watkins & Shattles Postcard Design

Who doesn’t love getting a birthday card in the mail? In this very digital age, an actual printed card can spark the biggest of smiles in almost anyone! My long-time client, Chuck Shattles, decided he wanted to send personalized birthday cards to his clients. So, I was happy to help design and print these lovely cards for his firm, Watkins & Shattles, which also included custom-designed envelopes. Birthday cards are great to show your company cares about its customers. They are also a smart way to reconnect with old clients. Would you like my help in creating a personalized promotional piece like this? If so, reach out to me and let’s talk!

San Antonio Chamber Music Postcard Design

When I started my career as a graphic designer, I never imagined the variety of businesses that I would come to know thanks to my amazing clients. I’ve worked with attorneys, schools, home builders, chefs, animal non-profits, produce companies, photographers, electrical contractors, and so much more! It’s been wonderful to be able to learn so much about so many different industries! There are still a few clients from my very first year in business that continue working with me today, almost 11 years later. One of them is the San Antonio Chamber Music Society, a non-profit organization that brings outstanding chamber music concerts to San Antonio. For over a decade, I’ve designed, revamped and maintained their website as well created a few promotional pieces like these postcards that are promoting two of the next concerts in their 76th season. I feel so much gratitude about the opportunities that I’ve had to work on such diverse projects but more than that, I am thankful for the long-time clients that have been with me from the start, like SACMS!

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