Premier Allergy of Texas Cohesive Branding

Oct 12, 2022 | Branding, Postcards

A cohesive brand is essential for any business to become easily recognized and to build trust. Consider these four elements when creating a uniform style throughout your marketing pieces.

First is your logo! It should be on everything you put out there. It is important to have a few stylistic variations. Why? Because the places you might want to put your logo on may not always allow for the space or color needed to reproduce it exactly as is.

Then comes color. While there are places where you’ll be forced to publish or print in black and white, a consistent color palette is key to creating a unified look throughout your business.

Equally important is the font selection. Whether you decide to use the same fonts from your logo or a set of complementary type styles, always use them consistently on both digital and printed items.

Lastly, the overall style. Does your brand tend to use specific patterns or textures? Do you primarily use large-sized photography with minimal text? Or perhaps graphic illustrations? Whatever visual vibe you define for your brand, ensure all marketing pieces follow the same design style.

An excellent example of cohesive marketing pieces is this set I designed for Premier Allergy of Texas, which includes a couple of seasonal mailers, an introduction postcard, and a door hanger. While all these items were created for unique purposes, they all look and feel like the same brand. They are easily recognized and associated with the clinic because they are consistent with their existing flyers, website, signage, and more.

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