Comic Inspired Postcard Design

Aug 1, 2012 | Ads & Flyers

Comic Inspired Postcards

Bam, Pow, Boom, Pop! Did you know there are certain rules and traditions when it came to comic book graphics? I had no idea, but during the research stage of this new design project I quickly learned that there are grammar and shape standards one must keep when creating a comic strip – or in my case, a comic inspired postcard series.

BlackStone Studio just added these new postcard design and prints to it’s portfolio. This three series postcard set was created to promote an upcoming dealership inventory tool called RevUp Inventory. Each postcard was designed in a fun comic strip style layout to capture the different scenarios in which this tool can improve vehicle sales. The most interesting part of the design process was definitely learning the do’s and don’t of comics. I love adding variety to my portfolio and this creatively fun project does just that!

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