Cross-promotion Business Cards

Dec 21, 2020 | Business Cards

How do you get through the tough times? When I was a kid and needed encouragement, I could always count on a hug from Mom, wise words from dad, and my siblings to have my back. These days, I have an additional person on my team who gives me his support and love, my husband. There’s no challenge I have ever faced in this business without (at least) one of my family members cheering me on from the sidelines. That’s why I’m so happy to share these new business cards I designed for my dad. I love it when I can help my family with their business branding! It’s my way of returning all the support they show me. My dad loves red, and both his businesses use that color, which made it easy to cross-promote them on one card. Who do you have in your corner, urging you forward and fist-bumping you along the way?

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