Daily Reminder: Fill Your Cup

Oct 19, 2021 | This and That

Here’s your daily reminder to fill your cup, no matter what time of day! My morning productivity-boosting filler upper starts in my kitchen. I spend a few peaceful and quiet minutes enjoying the first sips of my favorite blend before walking into my office and diving into emails and calls. My afternoon beating-the-lunchtime-lull filler upper is taking a quick break out on the back porch. I sit in my favorite spot, let my mind go blank, breathe in the fresh air, and watch my dogs play and run around in the yard. My evening rounding-out-the-day-strong filler upper is having a sit-down meal with my husband while we chat about our day and make plans for the future. When my head hits the pillow at night, I’ve filled my cup to the brim, and I hope you do, too! Tell me, what are some ways you fill your cup throughout the day?

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