Do You Have A Messy Desk?

Aug 24, 2023 | Behind The Scenes, This and That

What does your desk look like today, and what does that say about you?

Whenever mine is messy, it means ideas are flowing, and I’m in the “zone.” Notes and papers are everywhere, some with coffee stains and others sprinkled with crumbs from whatever snack I passed off as lunch. There will also be random items: a pair of discarded earrings that bother me when using headphones, a hairclip in case I need my hair up to focus better, and a dog toy removed from a four-legged offender who loves squeaking it obsessively at my side.

But if my desk is tidy, that usually means I’m stressed. I am one of those people who cleans when anxious. An uncluttered and organized space brings me a sense of calm and control. So, whenever I have a big or complex project, I begin by tidying up my workspace to help me be in a better headspace. Then, it inevitably turns messy again because that is just part of my design process!

So, is yours tidy or messy? And what does it mean?

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