Fall Flower Suggestions

Oct 14, 2022 | This and That

I usually talk about flowers during Spring because that’s when I visit my local garden store to fill up my front and back yard with colorful buds! But friends, I am awful about keeping them alive! I either forget to water them, or I slowly drown them. By mid Summer, most of my beautiful flowers are dried up and gone. And yet, this year, something is different! While I did have some flops, I still have a few pots thriving!!! I am terrible at remembering flower names (or any names at all), but I believe this is called Dipladenia. She is the diamond of the season of my back patio! So, now I’m excited about fall flowers… any suggestions on what to get? As a graphic designer, I’m always drawn to colorful and unique blooms. Yet, as a distracted gardener, I need them to be low-maintenance and highly resistant options! Share your favorite fall blossoms with me below!

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