Hands On Therapy By Chris Spears Logo Tune-up & Business Cards

Apr 1, 2014 | Business Cards, Logo Design

Hands On Therapy By Chris Spears

Chris Spears is a licensed massage therapist in Austin, Texas and owner of Chris Spears Massage. I met Chris earlier this year over lunch and, after getting to know each others stories and bonding over the love we have for our awesome dogs, she told me about the changes she is implementing in her business.

Chris has recently become a certified Pilates instructor and wants to expand her business to incorporate Pilates training. Her current business name focused on massage only, so she decided to change it to Hands On Therapy By Chris Spears. This meant her logo, business cards and website needed to be updated and revamped.

Hands On Therapy By Chris Spears Business CardsBlackStone Studio did a logo tune-up, which involved taking her existing logo and updating the name. We also tweaked the icon, selected a new font, and changed the colors. Chris really wanted to get rid of the burnt orange and use a sleeker combination of a bright yellow and charcoal gray.  Check out the before and after above.

We also redesigned her business cards to match her new logo and colors, and I am currently working on a brand new website for Hands On Therapy By Chris Spears. Come back soon to check it out!

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