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Apr 18, 2012 | This and That

theFIX Dallas

I have always been drawn to photography. I can remember being around 11 years old and asking my mom for money to buy film, or to develop the many rolls I had already used. I particularly remember this old thin black camera with an attached blue plastic hood. It wasn’t anything fancy. In fact, I didn’t have a “good camera” until I was in college. However, that black and blue one took many pictures I still cherish.

When I moved to San Antonio, I initially wanted to take photography lessons. While looking through courses I found a great multimedia program which made me postpone my photography education. Years went by, and one day I told my husband how my dad had bought me my first SLR in college because I had convinced him that I wanted to learn photography, yet I’d never done it. I guess he heard the regret in my voice because a few months later, he surprised me with a Canon 40D! That’s how my journey in photography began.

Jasmine Star

I finally started taking courses. I wanted to soak in all of what I could about professional photography. I searched online for inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate this new service to my business. I found a blog belonging to a woman named Jasmine Star, an international wedding photographer. I was immediately hooked. Not only were her photos amazing, but her writing was so engaging. She blogged about her work and shared so much knowledge about her business, yet she also wrote a lot about her day to day life, her love of God, family and food. Oh, and her dog Polo! And that’s how I started admiring her not only as a professional, but also as a person.

I have followed Jasmine for a couple years now. I admire her work. I take in every tip and advice she gives on her blog. I laugh at her quirky Facebook status updates and I watch her online workshops on Creative Live. What can I say? I am a true fan.

On February 29th, I was lucky to meet Jasmine herself! The moment I saw her post about the theFIX workshop in Dallas, I went to the website and bought tickets. I wasn’t the only one either. Turns out Dallas sold out first from all other cities!

It was such a great experience. The workshop focused on growing your business, embracing change, dealing with struggles, making goals and building connections. All this while having cocktails in a swanky and cool space called The Apartment.

What most impressed me from finally meeting the fabulous Jasmine Star is that she is simply and truly the same woman that you imagine her to be based on her blog. She is smart, fashionable, kind and funny. When I walked up to her to take a picture and to get her to sign my copy of Exposed (her magazine), I was surprised on how she talked to Justin and I like we were old buddies. She thanked us for coming in such a genuine way. We talked to her for just seconds, but she gave us her full attention, making it one of the best events I’ve attended.

Check out a video below of theFIX event, and as Jasmine would say, “Stay Fabulous!”

Inside The Fix from Showit on Vimeo.

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