Justdefyed Logo Design

Sep 23, 2021 | Logos

Running your own business can be challenging. There are many ups and downs and obstacles to overcome. While I can speak out of my own experience, I also see it with my clients. They are all incredibly hard-working! One of them, who always keeps in awe of how much she takes on and succeeds at, is my amazing client, Renee Joseph. Her company, ecoEDI, focuses on helping students get the education they need in less time and with little to no debt. I recently designed this new logo for Renee for a new supporting venture she is working on. She plans on launching an apparel line in the near future to help raise scholarships and grant money for students, as well as increase revenue so she can mentor more students! So what does Justdefyed mean? It’s all about using the power of education to defy the status quo. So friends, do you have a new business venture in the works? If so, reach out if you’re looking for a graphic designer to help!

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