Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow Trifold Design

Sep 21, 2021 | Brochures

Ben & Annie's Trees for Tomorrow Brochure

When you were little, were you Team Legos or Team Lincoln Logs? I loved Lincoln Logs because it actually looked like I was building a tiny cabin or a fort… or even a treehouse for Skipper, Barbie’s kid sister! Whether you preferred Legos or Lincoln Logs, the building process took planning and patience. You’d spend time interlocking piece by piece, taking sections apart that didn’t work, and putting them back together in a better way. I still use those skills today as I build my business, piece by piece, client by client, one project at a time. Coincidentally, I’ve done a lot of design work for home builders, and now, I’m working with a nonprofit organization whose goal is not only to replant trees disrupted during the homebuilding process but also to create new parks and greenspaces. Take a look at this new trifold brochure I designed for Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow. There is no better reward than using my design skills to create promotional pieces for great organizations such as theirs.

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