Lessons in Chemistry – Great book and cool cover!

Mar 7, 2024 | This and That

I’m nearing the end of the book “Lessons in Chemistry” – which was recommended to me by not just one but two awesome ladies, and it’s living up to the hype! This is the US edition book cover, which I’ve heard the author dislikes for its “chick-lit” vibe… Yet, I love it nonetheless. Yes, the salmony-pink color is very feminine, and this is a book about a woman breaking the norm while navigating a 1950s sexist world. However, I am all for its vibrant simplicity, the interplay of contrasting colors, and the retro vibe. I also like the subtle graphic details, which are revealed to have a poignant significance to elements in the story. So, kudos to whoever designed it!

There’s already a TV series based on this book—and the temptation to watch it is real! But I’m holding off until I finish the book. Anywho, always looking for more recommendations to add to my reading list! Bonus points if they have a cool cover! Drop your favorites below!

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