Living Tree Flyer Design

Jan 18, 2022 | Ads & Flyers

By now, you probably know what I do… but today, I want to shift gears to talk about what my graphic design services can do for your business! With cohesive branding, you’re sure to make a professional impression! Every element of your brand should speak to the overall personality of your business and have a consistent visual style. Here’s a couple of flyers I designed for my clients at Living Tree New Braunfels Counseling Center. They needed a simple, one-sided flyer that they could print in-house to inform current patients about the support groups they offer. These flyers have the same look and feel as all the other promotional pieces I’ve designed for them in the past. Ensuring visual consistency helps their clients to quickly recognize these services are from a business they know and trust. If you need help creating items for your business with a consistent style, reach out, and let’s chat!

Nothing on this blog should be taken to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation. Please read the full disclaimer.


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