New Book In A Series

Mar 24, 2022 | This and That

What do you do when a new book from your favorite book series comes out? Do you dive right into it? Or do you reread the previous books before starting the new one? One of my favorites novels is Diana Gabaldon’s, Outlander. It took me close to a year to read the first eight books. The latest installment came out last November, and while I bought it immediately, I’ve yet to crack it open. I’m tempted to reread the series from the start first. However, it is rumored that there will be one last book to end the series, but that might not come out for another couple of years. So, I’m curious, what would you do? Read the latest book now? Reread the story from the start first? Or wait until the last book comes out and then read the entire series from beginning to end? Comment below!

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