2022 IVECCS Flyer

Mar 22, 2022 | Ads & Flyers

Fiesta is almost here! While San Antonio’s signature annual festival lasts only a few days, its impact on design is palpable year-round. You’ll see it throughout the beautiful posters, traditional decorations, creative foods, lively costumes, and countless Fiesta themed parties. My clients at VECCS are working hard preparing for their annual international symposium, which will be held this year in San Antonio, and while the conference is in the fall, the Fiesta vibes are being carried through this year’s theme. Here is a flyer I recently designed for the IVECCS online proceedings. I am having so much fun creating the promotional pieces for this event! Fiesta-inspired designs are definitely one of my favorite things right now! So, friends, what’s your favorite thing about Fiesta? Comment below!

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