SACMS Postcard Design

Oct 28, 2019 | Postcards

SACMS Postcard Design

Music is powerful. It can affect your emotions profoundly. It not only has the ability to make you happy or sad, but it can make you feel energized and rushed, or it can soothe you and encourage relaxation. It can make you feel lonely or completely in love. It can also frighten you—try watching a scary movie moment on mute, without the tense music, it might not be so terrifying.

I’m always in awe of great music, and that’s why I love working with the San Antonio Chamber Music Society. They put together amazing chamber music performances with award-winning ensembles. Check out this postcard I helped create for them to promote their 77th season, which just begun. Visit to purchase tickets for their next concert, which will be on November 10th!

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