SACMS Poster Design

Jan 26, 2022 | Signage

We live in a time when signage is key to communicating health protocols in businesses. Since Covid, notifying our clients, patients, members, patrons, and such about the ever-changing rules has become a priority. As a graphic designer, I’ve been able to help my own clients with signs that help convey any regulations that need to be followed regarding their business. Here’s a poster I designed for the San Antonio Chamber Music Society, which started doing live concerts again last fall! As excited as they were to gather once more to enjoy live performances, they also knew that communicating the health and safety measures to their patrons was very important. So, we created a brand cohesive poster that they placed at the concert venue. While some businesses make plain, black and white paper signs, SACMS took their efforts further. Using the poster as an opportunity to build brand consistency and promote upcoming concerts. Do you need help with a poster design? If so, let’s chat!

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