Zero One Brewing Company Logo Design

Feb 1, 2022 | Logo Design

If you’ve ever considered hiring a graphic designer but found yourself worried about how many changes you’d possibly request before finalizing your new logo—fear not! I have a “reasonable rounds of revisions” policy that works great for most clients. It’s simple. If we go over 3 rounds while doing minor tweaks to finalize the design, that’s completely reasonable. If, after 3-4 rounds, we are not getting any closer to a final design, then that would be regarded as unreasonable. If that were to happen, we pause and revisit the goals we initially set and make a plan on how to move forward. Does that sound like something that might work for you? While you decide, check out this new logo I designed for Zero One Brewing Company, an expansion to a well-known restaurant in San Angelo that brews and sells its own beer. This project definitely took more than 3 rounds to complete, but we were polishing a concept that was chosen from round 1. The result is a logo I’m proud to share and one the client loves!

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