Dec 2, 2020 | This and That

Just as there are seasons throughout the year, there are seasons throughout our business that change too. When I first started working for myself, I had to learn how to run a business. That was probably my first “spring” when I planted the seeds of what would later become BlackStone Studio. Then came “summer,” when I felt like I finally started to shine, and things started getting busier. Eventually, “fall” arrived, and just like leaves change color, I had to change and tweak my services based on what I learned worked best. Afterward comes “winter,” where things slow down a bit. This is when I start looking back at goals accomplished, and looking forward to future opportunities, setting new intentions for my next “spring.” I’m so grateful for each season because it’s a reminder that nothing lasts forever and that you always have to keep learning and growing. Which season is your business in right now?

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