Steinway Piano Gallery Ad Design

Oct 27, 2022 | Ads & Flyers

It can be challenging when you need to hire a new graphic designer, especially if you are not looking to change your branding design. It adds a new layer of concern. It is not only a matter of whether you will work well with this person or if you will like their design work. It’s also a question of whether they can grasp and replicate the brand style you’ve taken so long to build.

Most new clients are usually looking for a change to their brand. But I’ve also worked with businesses that just need someone to continue building upon what they already have. Generally, these clients need me for a specific short-term project. They don’t want me to reinvent the wheel but rather to create something aligned with their existing marketing pieces. For example, check out this ad I designed for the Steinway Piano Gallery, San Antonio’s only authorized Steinway Dealer. This was my first time working with the Steinway Piano Gallery, but I was able to create an ad for them that is cohesive with their branding style, tying it to their website’s look and feel.

My goal with every project I design is to make something beautiful and functional that ties into your overall brand, whether I created that with you or not. If that sounds like something you’d like, then reach out, and let’s chat!

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