The Patient Handbook 2023 Edition

Nov 10, 2022 | Booklets, Programs, Manuals & Handbooks

Today, I’d like to put the spotlight on one of my awesome clients, Erin Copelan. Earlier this year, she published her first book: “Welcome to Caregiving: The Things Caregivers Never Talk About.” In it, Erin shares the truth about caregiving with humor, wit, and grace. To accompany her book, she also created “The Patient Handbook,” a planning system that helps patients communicate more effectively with their caregiver(s) and medical professionals. I was thrilled to help her design the handbook from cover to cover. It was such a fun project to work on, and we recently finished the 2023 edition and refill pages! For anyone looking to get it now, you can add the Refill Bundle, which includes a complete 2023 Calendar, Appointment Notes, and Love Notes sections. For those like me, who love to listen to books, the audiobook version is live now on Audible and iTunes! Find more about Erin and her new book here at

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