UIW School of Physical Therapy Table Banner

Aug 5, 2021 | Signage

When I started my business, I would have never guessed I’d someday be hired by a prominent educational institution such as the University Of The Incarnate Word. Here’s the shortest explanation of how I got to where I am today: I started as an unpaid intern at a local design agency. Then I was hired by the agency, and within a couple of years, I became their lead graphic designer. A year or so after that, I branched out on my own and started my graphic design business. It took a lot of hard work to land my first clients, but I gradually started getting more and more projects. One day, someone from the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry reached out and hired me to design and print some brochures. Then they referred me to UIW Feik School of Pharmacy and to the UIW School of Physical Therapy. I’ve done work for all three UIW schools for almost 10 years. Pretty cool, huh?

I love working with businesses of all sizes. However, it feels incredible when large organizations hire me because even though I’ve been in the industry for over a decade, I’m still a tiny business of one, competing with plenty of local and well-known creative agencies who have entire teams of designers.

I hope I keep having the opportunity to work with UIW schools for years to come. I’m very proud of the pieces I’ve created for them so far. Check out this table banner I recently designed for theUIW School of Physical Therapy!

What’s one client you work with today you never thought you’d land?

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