Weston Dean Custom Homes Flyers

Apr 7, 2020 | Ads & Flyers

Truth bomb: You can probably find a graphic designer to help you create your flyers for less than what I charge. You can find many that charge much more than me too. That’s just reality. But if it matters to you to work with someone who values your vision, someone who meets deadlines and includes you and your ideas throughout the whole process, then I’m your gal.

I’ve designed a lot of flyers for my awesome clients at Weston Dean Custom Homes, but in the past couple of weeks, they entrusted me with the task of updating over 60 inventory flyers. It’s always a delight to work with Weston Dean as I know I can rely on them to provide me with the content and direction I need. And they know they can count on me to deliver quality work within a quick timeline. If that’s the kind of relationship you’re looking to have with your graphic designer, let’s chat!

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