Why I Work Hard…

Aug 31, 2023 | This and That

You know those memes that say, “I work hard so that my dog can have a better life”? While that is not my only reason, it is definitely a big part of why I do. It wasn’t until Cinko came into my life that I became a crazy dog-loving person. Losing him was (and still is) so very hard. I miss him every single day. One thing that gives me comfort is knowing that he lived a very long and spoiled life. Of course, there are always a few regrets. One of them is that we did not take him to the beach more often—boy, did he love jumping over waves! Luckily, we took two last trips there before we said goodbye to him. While his old body didn’t let him jump anymore, he enjoyed watching the water, taking long naps cuddled over beach towels, and soaking up the sun in the salty breeze. We are so grateful we could give him that, but we wish we’d taken him more often when he was younger. Justin and I have promised not to let that happen again with our other two dogs. So, yes, I work hard so my dogs can have the best life… because that is what they give me: the best life.

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