3D Glasses & What Our Eyes See

Aug 18, 2022 | This and That

Do you know how 3D glasses work? Typically, one lens filters out red and the other cyan. A 3D movie is projected from two superimposed angles, and the filters on the glasses allow for only one of the angles to enter each eye. However, our brain merges the two feeds together and creates three-dimensional depth. I find this really interesting because, although I don’t work in 3D myself, as a graphic designer, I always have to think about what I want people to see and in what order. I have to plan the visual priority of the content and guide their eyes from interest to action. The placement, color, and size of the elements on a flyer, poster, or ad can influence what someone looks at first and the path the viewer’s eye takes along the piece. So, that’s why I find it fascinating to learn how the human eye processes images. And I, for one, love a good 3D movie! How about you?

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