UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry Brochure Design

Have you ever had a project turn out so wonderful, that you just had to take a moment to admire it? I designed and printed this brochure for the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry, and I can’t help but contemplate all the hard work, time and effort that was put into it. And while BlackStone Studio was in charge of the design, the project was really an amazing collaboration with their Assistant Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management, Eric Tradup. Eric did an excellent job crafting the content. We changed things up a bit this year by going to a large square format with an all-new design layout! After a few weeks of working together on this, we finally get to have the finished product in our hands! It’s definitely one of my favorites pieces of the year! Check it out above!

Weston Dean Custom Homes Collateral Design

BlackStone Studio has been working with Weston Dean Custom Homes for a few years now, and recently we’ve had the opportunity to work with them on some really cool projects. Some of the latest collateral design work includes a beautiful booklet brochure with back pocket and gold foil detail, several large matte posters displaying their company values, and multiple flyer designs all of which showcase their gorgeous homes! Check out some of the items above!

UIW School of Physical Therapy Brochure

Check out these new brochures designed and printed by BlackStone Studio for the UIW School of Physical Therapy. This year, we completely revamped the look of these promotional pieces with a more visual design centered around all new photography. I really enjoy working with the UIW schools creating a variety of marketing materials. However, these types of brochures, which they use as recruitment tools for prospective students, are my favorite kind of project with them!

Weston Dean Pocket Brochure

Check out this new brochure designed and printed by BlackStone Studio for Weston Dean Custom Homes, a local home builder that specializes in the design and construction of luxury custom homes. This project was awesome to work on! The shape, size, and format are all unique! The client wanted a piece that would stand out, and that would showcase the gorgeous homes they have built. With distinctive features, like gold foil on the cover and a back pocket on the inside cover, this brochure is a truly stunning yet practical marketing tool.

UIW Marketing Design & Prints

BlackStone Studio has worked with several schools from the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio. Recently, I had the opportunity to design and print various marketing pieces for them. I started by working on a project that involved several schools, a promotional recruitment booklet which promoted their Health Professions programs to prospective students. Soon after that, I designed and printed an admissions flyer for the Rosenberg School of Optometry, and I also created an information request postcard for the Feik School of Pharmacy. Being part of multiple creative projects with the different UIW schools has been an absolute pleasure! I hope to continue to work on new prints and design pieces for them in the future. Check out the new marketing items above!

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