Caroline Rose Speaker One Sheet Design

Nov 4, 2019 | Ads & Flyers

Not everyone is so lucky as to make money doing something they truly love. I am, and that’s a gift all of its own. But one of the other great rewards of my journey as a solopreneur has been meeting people who inspire me, build me up, and often become my friend. I’m talking about my clients! I met Caroline Rose over the summer, and anytime I get an email from her, she makes me smile! Whether she is reaching out to me about a project request, sending feedback on a proof, or giving approval on a design, her emails are full of positive and encouraging words! She is one of those clients, I’d be fortunate to call a friend! Caroline and I recently finished working on a Speaker One Sheet, which I learned is a marketing tool speakers use to provide their background, topics, and personality to potential groups looking to hire them. So, if you are a professional speaker in need of one, please consider reaching out to me, and let’s be friends!

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