Life Safety CPR & AED Training Guide

Apr 20, 2021 | Behind The Scenes, Booklets, Programs, Manuals & Handbooks

Do you want to know a little about how I typically work on a booklet or brochure design? It all starts with the content. My client provides me with a draft of the verbiage. We then discuss what images we might be able to incorporate. I can use stock photography and graphics, and in some cases, I can also create custom drawings, such as the heart attack chart in this CPR & AED Training Guide I designed for Life Safety. Once we have outlined the content, I’ll start preparing the master template for the book. This includes styling titles, pagination, basic page structure, and core design elements. I present a couple of formatted pages to my client to get their approval on the overall look before I continue designing the rest of the book. I also provide them with constant updates throughout the design process so that I can get continuous feedback as I move forward with the project. There are no surprises. By the time clients receive the full completed proof, they have seen most of the work and will only need to perform a quick review for final tweaks.

My clients at Life Safety are very familiar with my design process as we’ve worked on over 7 training guides together. Do you have a booklet or multi-page brochure that you need help designing? If so, let’s chat!

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