Shared Journey Flyer Design

Feb 15, 2022 | Ads & Flyers

Yesterday we celebrated relationships… those we have with our significant other, with our friends, and with our family. But let’s talk about the relationships we have with our customers. One of the first things I tell prospective clients is that they will be part of the design process from start to finish. I’ve learned that the success of my design projects hinges on having a collaborative relationship with my clients. It’s not surprising that most of them feel the same when working with their own customers. That’s why Weston Dean Custom Homes hired me to create a piece that breaks down the different roles their company and their clients have as they go through the shared journey of building a dream home. I loved the idea of creating something visual to explain how each party has something to offer to the process. It’s definitely a creative way of outlining their workflow. How do you communicate to your customers what part they play in your work?

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