Satin Finish Business Cards

Mar 7, 2010 | Business Cards

BlackStone Studio has always offered a variety of business card stock and finishes. Ever since I started designing and printing business cards for my clients, I’ve noticed that the one type of finish that they all like the best is the satin. I can’t blame them, I use if for my business cards too!

The satin finish looks great and feels so smooth. You can even add a cool touch by using UV coating over parts of  it. My own BlackStone Studio business card has the arrow symbol in UV and I love how that looks!

I carry two types of satin cards, thin (10pt) and thick (15pt). Both types are unique and stylish. You can get them in any color and printed on both sides. Below are some of the recent business cards BlackStone Studio has done with a  satin finish. If you want to see them in person, shoot me an email and we’ll setup a meeting. Minimum order is a set of 200 cards.

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