UIW School of Physical Therapy Spanish Brochure

Apr 13, 2021 | Brochures

Did you know I’m fluent in Spanish? I was born and raised in Mexico, so it is actually my first language. However, until recently, I had never offered translator services because I’m not certified and because I’ve always been hesitant about attempting to translate specialized jargon. Nevertheless, my clients at UIW School of Physical Therapy recently requested my help in creating a Spanish version of a brochure I had previously designed for them. Despite knowing my limitations, they were more than happy to give me a chance. And at my request, they had someone review my work to make sure I had translated everything accurately. I’m so grateful for the trust they placed in me. It turned out to be a great project!

So, friends, do you think I should start offering Spanish translations as part of my design services?

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