Weston Dean Custom Homes Folder Brochure Print

May 20, 2021 | Brochures, Printing

Tell me you love what you do… without actually telling me you love what you do. I’ll go first:

This month, I was busy delivering prints to clients. Life isn’t always creativity and color for a graphic designer—but it’s worth it, especially since I have the ability to make someone smile as I hand them their finished projects! There is nothing like holding a freshly printed brochure in your hands. This folder brochure for Weston Dean Custom Homes is one of my favorites. Like their beautiful homes, this is an entirely custom piece, unique in its shape, size, and structure. This is just one of the handful of projects I’ve dropped off to clients this month. So yeah, delivery doesn’t sound like something a graphic designer would love to do, but if you could see the happy reactions from clients as they unbox and look at their prints, you’d totally get it!

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